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• 9/25/2013

Article Format Update

Hello WOTMites! I-Is that a good term? I heard of Markiplites before... how about WOTMers? aaah we'll see how it goes. Just thought I'd let you know on an update as to my opinion upon article formats.

I'll start off with saying I consider myself to be a perfectionist and i'm not afraid to admitting that. I love perfecting things to the point they're neat, tidy and accurate; it's just how I am. However, not everybody is a perfectionist, but that doesn't mean they're bad at organising or editing things, does it? The point i'm trying to illustrate is I feel I have been dictating to users on this wiki about how they should lay their own articles out which feature their own fanon content. While I feel my method of cleaning up articles is nice and spiffy, I don't actually have the right to edit other people's articles without permission, even if I am the founder. I mean come on it's outright dictating.The idea of a Wiki is allowing anyone to contribute, but if nobody wants their article to be altered by another person then it's only fair to respect that. In which case I have updated other people's content, but only the article layout and grammar (I haven't edited any of the actual fan content itself, like changing how x goes for example).

Do I truely have the right to correct other user's usage of grammar, or the way they lay their articles? I'm starting to think I do not. I only want to be helpful and I feel I can inflict a good impression on visitors, as they'd be likely to join, right? Everybody loves a spot of good grammar as it's easier to read. Then again grammar [and the English language as a whole) is arbitrary. We, as humans, made it up, so surely people have the right to do anything they want in their style, right? It's what characterises each and every one of us and if we were all the same then everyone would be boring.

So there you have it. Nothing WotM-related but I felt I should let all of you know. Please tell me your honest opinion.

Thanks for reading guys!

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• 10/21/2013

_*Several Years Later*...

• 10/23/2013
Good to know my 3 hours of typing that up didn't go to waste...
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