47-Class Droid Destroyer

The Destroyer stile Robo-47 is a upcoming military project in which a specialized destroyer will be fitted to hold a Robo-47 class giant battle droid in a battened in seated position as a human would be seated in a canoe. With this method not only is their a way to transport a Robo-47 class giant battledroid over seas to be deployed on land but combat at sea is also increased.

Abilities: The Robo-47 is upgreaded so that its eye can now fire a laser blast powerful enough to punch a hole in 12inch armor, and its power reserved for this attack is 12 shots before its out of battery. The Robo-47 is also armed with a chaingun that fires 45mm tungsten exploding bullets, and has 5 cruise missiles. Though painted to look like wood its canoe oar is titanium aluminum carbon iron tungsten, and can deflect many shots fired at it.

The ship its self has a 135mm main cannon, 12 tomahawk cruise missiles, 5 trident missiles, anti air lasers, 4 torpedo launchers with a magazine of 5 shots, and an attack helicopter. The crew are also armed with javelin anti air missiles. If only the robot or the ship is destroyed the other will continue attack, both must be destroyed.

The Robo-47 can also attack by picking up scrap and throwing it, with its drill attack, and with its hammer attack, and can use its shield to take a hit.

The armor on the ship its self is nearly twice as thick as the Robo-47 class giant battledroid's shield and has a impact withstanding gel layer between its quadro plating.

Purpose: If any monster is on a coastal region their is a chance this ship will show up to take them down. If the monster goes inland and stays out of range for over an hour the robot will be deployed to hunt them down.

This character is not playable, although the programing can be hacked with ease.