General Information
Species: Dinosaur monster
Gender: Female
Good on: Heavy attacks
Bad on: Range attack and climb
Special attack: Atomic breath

Togera is the giant atomic dinosaur from the previous game and now is back in War of the Monsters 2.

Physical features Edit

Togera is a gigantic bipedal monster similar to a dinosaur, its skin is green, with a row of lighter scales on the inside of its torso and tail, it has two small horns pointing down, red eyes, barbed his shoulders, legs, and several more in the club he has at the tip of his tail, and two retractable claws in his arms.

History Edit

War of the Monsters Edit

Not much is known about the true origin of Togera, it is only known that she remains asleep in the depths of the ocean for centuries, until one of the UFOs that fell from the first war ended up in the bottom of the ocean, and the aroma of the radioactive fuel woke Togera, giving her an unknown energy that angered her, wishing to get even with humanity and the other monsters.

Mutant Invasion Edit

Fatally wounded from the battle at Gambler's Gulch, Togera instinctually returned to the sea. With one final roar, she collapsed into the surf and disappeared; crowds gathered and cheered along the coast, and all across the world the news rang clear: "Togera is dead! Togera is dead!" Then the fumes came down. Inevitably making their way into the water, the alien mutagens found her body and revitalized it. Bursting from the waves with new-found power, Togera set off to wreak her terrible vengeance...

Epilogue Edit

As the last opponent fell, Togera roared to the heavens and declared herself Queen of the Monsters. The Earth was hers now, but the world she longed so desperately for was still no more. With a heavy heart she returned to the frigid depths of the sea, intending to sleep for as many millennia as it would take to see her kind return. Perhaps she would return one day, when the conditions were right and the age of man was over.

Gameplay Edit

Togera is good on heave melee attacks, but isn't good climbing. She uses shis claws on light melee attacks and use only her tail for heave melee attacks.

Melee attacks Edit

  • Upper light attack: Togera tackles her opponent with all her spikes.
  • Lower light attack: Togera stabs her opponent with her two blades.
  • Upper strong attack (Stunt): Togera knocks out her opponent by headbutting it.
  • Upper low attack (Uppercut): Togera sends his opponent into the air by hitting him with his tail.

Range attack Edit

Togera spits out small bursts of his radioactive breath at a slow speed and average damage.

Special attacks Edit

  • Short-ranged special - Radioactive explosion: Togera generates a large radioactive explosion around her.
  • Long-ranged special - Radioactive breath: Togera spits out from her mouth a powerful breath of radioactive fire for a limited time, damaging every enemy that comes in front of her, the longer is exposed, the worse the affliction. Togera can move and jump while she expels her breath, but if she executes another attack or movement, her radioactive breath will be canceled prematurely.

Grab Edit

Togera takes her opponent with his right claw, hits him with her left blade, and to throw, hits it with her tail.

Strategy Edit

  • Togera has a resistance to heat and takes reduced damage from fire attacks.
  • Togera is weak to electrical attacks and takes increased damage from being shocked.
  • Togera's movement speed is not slowed down by deep water.

Animations Edit

Taunt/Attack boost Edit

Togera roars and unhooks all her spikes and blades from her body.

Victory Edit

  1. Togera draws his right blade, then unhooks the left blade, and roars while exposing all her spikes.
  2. Togera seems to be about to make her first animation, but suddenly her tail catches her attention, and she starts spinning in circles trying to chase her.
  3. Togera roars, and exposes all the spines of her body.

Defeat Edit

  1. Togera roars in pain and falls to the ground on her left side.
  2. (Upside up) Togera uses her blades to get up but ends up falling dead.
  3. (Upside down) Togera tries to get up but ends falling dead.

Skins Edit

Togera MI skins
  1. Default (Green and yellow) - Default roar and green breath.
  2. Crystal slash (Purple and blue) - Blue breath : Free
  3. Mecha (White robotic) - Mechanizaded roar and Blue breath.
  4. Diablo (Red demon) - Yellow breath.
  5. Sea nightmare (Black cthulu) - Default roar but in G major and green breath.